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Posted by Ivy Montgomery on 07/31/2013

If you’re a typical parent, it might seem as though the summer vacation just got started. But if you’re a bargain-hunting parent, you know that it’s not too soon to begin thinking about back-to-school sales.  

For the first group – the typical parent – the back-to-school deals can seem like more of a hassle than they are worth. Deals are temporary and different everywhere, so you have to make sure you hit the right stores, for the right products, at the right time. It can be a hassle.

The second group – the bargain-hunting parent – has realized all that the internet has to offer and has taken advantage of the summer sales season with commerce sites and mobile apps that give them the ability to quickly find the items your kids need (and want), along with the ability to compare products side-by-side, purchase in bulk and more. It’s clearly a working model, as experts have confidently predicted that back-to-school sales are poised for a 4% year-over-year growth for the coming season. From a recent news story:

Foot traffic is expected to increase less than 1 percent this August, ShopperTrak retail and people analyzer says, but sales are expected to be 4 percent higher than in 2012. It continues the incremental growth retailers have seen in recent years, with a 4.5 percent increase in back-to-school sales in 2011, and 5.9 percent growth in 2012. Foot traffic grew a whopping 11 percent last year, after a 5 percent decline in 2011.

Essentially, consumers have all the tools and data they need to make the right decision.

Unfortunately, for the back-to-business shopper, things haven’t always been so easy. Unlike their consumer counterparts, the business shopper has historically been handicapped by inefficiency. They had no intuitive way to search for all the products they need (and want) with a single tool. Rather, they were forced to use multiple platforms and compare them manually, often making the wrong decision as a result. They had to identify, on their own, whether purchasing certain items in bulk from one vendor was a wiser decision than purchasing individual items from another retailer.

And unlike their consumer counterparts, their purchases were spread out across multiple platforms, making it hard to get the great deals that come with bulk purchases.

Of course, Vroozi came onto the business shopping and eProcurement scene looking to change all that. With our unique Purchasing Manager, we give the back-to-business shopper the ability to:

  • Search Like a Consumer: With a search engine that is fast, accurate and easy to use. Most important of all, it’s the only procurement search engine you’ll ever need.
  • Receive Relevant Search Results: If you are looking for laptops of a specific weight and size, with a specific price, then that’s what the Vroozi search engine will return for you.
  • Make Your Life Easier: Vroozi was designed to complement – not replace – existing internal ERP systems like SAP, Oracle EBS, Oracle PeopleSoft and Lawson.

Anyway, we wanted this post to remind parents that the back-to-school season is already underway, so get out there and grab those deals. More importantly, we wanted to remind the business shoppers and procurement professionals that there are always deasl out there, so go out and try Vroozi for free.

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