About Vroozi

Vroozi was founded to help companies of all sizes and industries transform their supply chain operations. Our mission is to deliver innovative e-Procurement solutions which help companies discover, search, negotiate, and order goods and services from suppliers all over the world – easily and efficiently.

No hardware. No software. No implementation.
Better business shopping has arrived.

Our Beginnings…

In 2007, Shaz Khan set out to solve a basic problem: “How do we allow employees to shop like they do at home and eliminate the long upfront implementation time and cost?” . 

Shaz had been implementing ERP procurement and supply chain systems for Fortune 500 companies since 1997. Over the last decade, he became increasingly puzzled by the amount of time it takes to automate a single business process as harmless as procurement.  Eventually, it became clear to Shaz that customers are consumers who are used to shopping online in the comfort of their home.   Sitting at the W Hotel in San Francisco on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in 2007, Shaz penned the idea of smartOCI to tackle the world of B2B procurement from a consumer point of view.

Now all he needed was an investment and development partner.  He found that in 2008 in NetSol Technologies, Inc. which acquired his ERP consulting company and the rights to the smartOCI search engine.

Not long after the acquisition, Shaz phoned a previous business contact Rich Chala who had been building online exchange marketplaces for grocers and designing supply chain platforms for mobile devices.  However, his ideas on usability and design were ahead of the hardware and telecommunication capability at the time

They bounced some ideas back and forth and eventually came up with the idea to build the world's largest, most user-friendly B2B eCommerce search engine and marketplace platform.  Rich joined the Vroozi team in 2010.  The idea was well documented…on a paper napkin.

What’s Next?

The Vroozi vision was realized in stages. The first stage was awareness; we need decision-makers to know that it was possible to make business shopping as fun, simple and intuitive as consumer shopping. This was the key take-away for a select group of participants in our smartOCI beta program in 2010.

The second stage was to build a cloud-base procurement and trading platform that would allow companies to deploy their business operations quickly. More importantly, it needed to be built in a way that allowed companies of all sizes to customize and deploy their procurement platform in days and not months. Time is money, after all.

Of course, this is only the beginning. Our ultimate goal is to transform the way all businesses make purchasing decisions. To do that, we’ll need more than a fancy website and marketing slogans – we’ll need a platform that is truly dependable, scalable and easy to use across any device. We’re excited to meet this challenge head-on.