Frequent readers of the Vroozi blog (and other season procurement professionals) should be quite familiar with by now. We regularly comment on their articles and reports, which as you know, are always loaded with fresh insight into the latest procurement trends. You might have noticed that one of their recent articles featured an up-and-coming company that’s taken an entirely new approach to procurement. That company? Vroozi, of course.

Writer Jason Busch captured our story in an incredibly well-written piece last week. You can read the entire article here (paid membership required), but we wanted to share some of the main themes and highlights. They included:

The Basics: After telling the Vroozi story ourselves for so long, it was interesting to hear an outsider’s perspective. Jason did a great job of capturing the basics (i.e. Vroozi offers an easy-to-use P2P shopping platform) while including some of the more unique differentiators (e.g. how Vroozi works with existing in-house procurement systems like SAP).

The USP: In case you’re not familiar with marketing acronyms, USP stands for “unique selling proposition.” In other words, it’s what makes a product or service different from its competition. He explains how Vroozi is more than just a “re-skinned” SRM – that it’s really a new way of thinking about how to best manage front-ends for buying and managing workflows. Jason then went into great detail about the Vroozi front-end, and how it offers customers the option to use the Vroozi platform infrastructure as the core tool, or as a front-end to other systems like SAP.

The Mobile Angle: What seemed to interest SpendMatters the most – and indeed, what seems to interest our customers the most – was the mobile component of Vroozi. Essentially, Vroozi created the world’s first mobile-first procurement platform; our customers can leverage the same procurement platform and capabilities whether they are on their desktop, tablet or smartphone. It’s one thing to offer some mobile functionality (many companies do this, as you know), but as Jason points out, it’s another to create your solution from a mobile-first standpoint. He highlighted several functions that worked the same on a touchscreen device as it did with a standard desktop computer, notably the cross-comparison search options.

The Integration: It’s great to have the ability to search multiple supplier catalogs from a single location, but what good is that feature if the major suppliers aren’t actually integrated into the solution? Jason points out that many of the big-name suppliers (Staples, Office Max, Office Depot and others) have been integrated into the Vroozi platform, while noting how easy it to search for specific products based on your specific criteria, with real-time updates and results.

Anyway, it was a great recap of the value that Vroozi currently provides to procurement professionals such as yourselves – we hope you get a chance to go check it out. Of course, there is much more to come in the near future. We’re currently developing a number of new features and functionalities that will take the experience to the next level. So if you’d like to learn more about how we can help with your current (or future) purchasing needs, we’re hosting a FREE webinar on Wednesday, December 18th that will cover some of the basic features and functionalities of the Vroozi platform, including:

  • Searching and comparing products on a tablet
  • Creating a purchase request with an Amazon-like experience on a tablet
  • Approving requests via email
  • Managing office spend paper-free
  • Completing orders anywhere

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