When a business determines that it’s time for them to change the way they do things, the solution is not as simple as saying, “ok, let’s change.” There are systems and processes already in place that an organization must weigh against the slew of “cutting-edge” business solutions out there that may be right for some and not right for others.

When a company in the Midwest recently arrived at this scenario, they realized they needed to find a solution for their business that allowed them the proper level of interoperability—that is, the ability to operate with their existing systems. For this company, being forced to abandon their old systems due to a lack of integration was a hindrance they would not be able to overcome.

In our latest mobile procurement “use case” on Spendmatters.com, we see how mobile procurement allowed this legacy software user to adopt a new, cutting-edge business solution, without completely dismissing their legacy technology. Find out how.

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