procurement_platformAs someone in a buying role, you’ve probably been told that you need to be mindful of your organization’s approach to procurement.  Maybe, you know a little bit about the buying process.  Perhaps, you’ve even done a little research into catalog management and its effect on your organization.  However, you’re still wondering just what a procurement platform does—and what it can do for you.

Does your company value saving money? Of course, a large component to running any successful—or, at least, sustainable—company is dependent on your ability to keep the cost of doing business low.  Procurement platforms offer you the ability to compare and contrast solutions across suppliers based on a multitude of factors, including, of course, price.

Does your company value saving time?  Procuring solutions via a procurement platform can save your company more than just money.  The amount of time you can save by working in a single, unified platform can grant your company the opportunity to extend its efforts into other areas of the business for more prolonged amounts of time.

Does your company value improving its efficiency? Saving time and money is nothing to scoff at, but what you do with that extra time and money can make a real impact on the success of your company.  By embracing a guided, mobile solution to procurement, as many or as few employees as your company wishes to be involved with the buying process can use the swift, efficient, automated procurement platform that is Vroozi.

Is your company looking to unite its procurement approach—and improve its operations? With a procurement platform like Vroozi, companies can streamline their entire procurement operation by setting up all of their employees on the same system.  As one employee makes a purchase request, a request for approval is sent out to the designated party (or parties) before the purchase order is placed.  With all of your employees already shopping from within the same supplier catalogs, the approving party can combine orders to further save the company on shipping costs—or even reach the levels necessary to save money placing bulk orders.

Is your company willing to augment its mentality? Not only will a procurement platform help your company’s operations and efficiency, but it can also have a lasting impact on your organizational mindset.  A procurement competence can lead to a spend-entrepreneurial environment that can radiate throughout an organization, empowering your employees to shop for your business the way they shop for themselves: with a quick, efficient, cost-conscience approach.

Oh yeah, there’s also a platform that can help with that.