secure procurement solutionsAs you’re no doubt aware, the cloud can be a dangerous place for solutions that are less than secure against a perpetually growing volume of cyber threats.  Without leveraging a proven and secure solution any time your personal or corporate data and information is involved, you’re putting yourself and/or your company at risk.

In procurement, proven and secure solutions are those that are compliant with the latest OCI and taxonomy classification standards.  Technology solutions – and the organizations that develop and maintain them – are often subject to a number of industry standards before even being released into the public.  Still, the more proven organizations and solutions are generally those that go beyond the minimum levels of security defined by industry code or legislation.

Because cloud-based solutions offer accessibility from an unlimited number of access points, there are also a number of steps that can and should be enacted to aid in the discovery of breaches, should they occur.  Error-checking capabilities and audit logs allow organizations to preempt disruptions and remain vigilant in any resolutions.

How secure is Vroozi?  As an SAP Services Partner in North America, Vroozi delivers superior SAP solutions to Fortune 500 and blue-chip companies across industry verticals.  Fully-compliant with the latest OCI and taxonomy classification standards, Vroozi’s mobile procurement platform features built-in error-checking and audit logs to further enhance security in your platform and on your device.

And now, Vroozi’s proven and secure procurement solutions are Plynt Certified.

A Plynt Certificate lets you know that the certified solutions have been proven secure against the stringent Plynt criteria, including Plynt penetration testing and regulatory safeguards.  For Vroozi, that means that our Plynt Certified solutions possess the ability to guard against remote adversaries and protect against a wide range of security threats.

“Vroozi has always taken great pride in our ability to offer a procurement solution that is as innovative as it is secure,” said Richard Chala, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Vroozi, in Vroozi’s Plynt Certification press release.  “Achieving the Plynt Certification lets our customers know how serious we are about the safety and security of their data.”

The Plynt Certification Program helps to determine the security of an application for both commercial and custom web applications.  Vroozi’s Plynt Certificate verifies for product managers and application developers that our procurement solutions have met or exceeded each of the sixteen stringent security criteria of the program.  That means that – from desktop to mobile device – Vroozi procurement solutions are both proven and secure.

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