Los Angeles, CA – Vroozi, whose proven and secure mobile procurement platform fully-compliant with the latest OCI and taxonomy classification standards, is pleased to announce that the company’s mobile procure-to-pay platform is now Plynt Certified.

A Plynt Certificate lets you know that the solutions have been proven secure against the stringent Plynt criteria, including Plynt penetration testing and regulatory safeguards. Plynt Certified solutions guard against remote adversaries and protect against a wide-range of security threats. Plynt Certified applications include ATM management, bank intranet, mobile banking, firewall appliances, and payment gateways etc.

Vroozi has always taken great pride in our ability to offer a procurement solution that is as innovative as it is secure,” said Richard Chala, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Vroozi. “Achieving the Plynt Certification lets our customers know how serious we are about the safety and security of their data.” Vroozi’s built-in error checking and audit logs allow organizations to preempt disruptions and remain vigilant against any threats.

The Plynt Certification Program is designed to determine the security of an application for both commercial and custom web applications. Plynt Certificates verify for product managers and application developers that a solution has met the stringent security criteria of the program.

The certification standard is composed of sixteen criteria, including penetration testing and an assessment of the resistance to cyberattacks. The awarding of the Plynt Certificate ascertains that a web application has proven to possess adequate measures against remote adversaries and the ability to protect against a wide range of threats.

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