Global Procurement Technology Summit

Top 5 Takeaways from Global Procurement Technology Summit

Global Procurement Technology Summit

Technology is changing procurement…

By imagining the procurement landscape 10 years from now, industry experts, influencers and major corporations gathered to learn more about the current developments shaping procurement.

This idea powered the first Global Procurement Technology Summit, which took place in Baltimore, Maryland.

Vroozi was among the 300 visitors, including companies hoping to embrace new innovations in procurement to enable their workforces.

The event was a major success for the procurement industry, as we have a clear vision for the years to come !

The keynote speeches, workshops and networking opportunities provided a platform for discussing how to adopt technology to transform the procurement process.

The main theme of the conference was that procurement isn’t just about spend anymore. It’s about effectively harnessing ideas and technology to forge better relationships, simplify the process and strengthen business operations.

The Vroozi Team concluded that five important topics we hope to ponder further, implement into our company values and use for our customers’ advantage.

What are these 5 takeaways ?

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Global Procurement Technology Summit