Machine Intelligence & Procurement!

Artificial Intelligence & Human Interaction…

It’s probably not likely, but if you need to stop by a physical bank branch, you might encounter a new kind of teller: the virtual one. Bank of America has implemented ATMs with a new technology called Teller Assist in which customers interact with a live person, but over video chat.

Before this full-on technology revolution there are innovations slowly bridging the gap.

This seems to be the step between in-person tellers and the advanced future technology of machine intelligence. As machine learning evolves and gets better at understanding human speech patterns, the machine-to-person engagement will probably become the standard of many daily interactions.

Artificial Intelligence

Procurement, right in the transition !

Procurement & Mobile Procurement are evolving…

Along with Supply Chain & Logistics, the procurement world is changing at full speed.

With mobile procurement technology already infiltrating the industry and streamlining many procurement processes, the next phase in innovation is right around the corner. To power the video chat capability, users will need devices and software able to handle the audio and visual nuances critical to the success of a chat. As our mobile devices are already on this level of sophistication, integrating a platform like Vroozi with an existing and capable tool is the natural progression toward reaching this goal.

Procurement is one industry certainly on the verge of this transition between relying on person-to-person communication and a heavier dependence on technology to accomplish even the simplest tasks. The day procurement specialists will be able to live video chat with their suppliers is not a matter of if, but when.

Video chat and eventually a Siri-like solution would revolutionize how professionals think about procurement. In the future, they will need tools advanced enough to be capable of high-quality machine learning. This is still being developed and perfected, but is not far from being a part of nearly everything we do.

Eventually machine learning, artificial intelligence and technology will no longer be the trend, but the norm of how we complete errands like going to the bank or professional tasks like procurement.

In the meantime, the virtual human acts a bridge from in-person engagement to machine intelligence.

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