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User Experience & Digital transformation…

As businesses make a full digital transformation, the tools and technology they implement will need to encompass every need of the enterprise.

However, many platforms are not designed to address the needs of every level of employee and every function of the company. The automation platforms used by the marketing team and the web applications making financial duties easier for accounting are not often aligned.

As technology evolves to include every job and consider all aspects of operations and users, the design of the platform will be crucial to its success. If a user encounters any difficulty, can’t use the tool intuitively instantly or needs a high level of training, companies and users will abandon the tool out of frustration. Seamless experience is so important to how people undergo and what they expect of a digital transformation.

User-Friendly Design or Die

Purchase Express feature !

Vroozi & Purchasing management

Enterprise solutions will need to balance the needs of every potential user with its ultimate goals and functionality. Mobile procurement platforms are becoming increasingly aware of this requirement if they hope to compete in a growing market.

Vroozi’s Purchase Express feature is the ideal example of this balance. The capability of this feature allows anyone in an organization to partake in the procurement process, but leaves all the complexity to the expert procurement specialists. The user-friendly design means any employee can shop a pre-defined catalog with minimal instruction. They choose what they are looking for, then turn the hard part of the process over to the people trained to handle the accounting information, negotiations and other complicated elements of procurement.

This feature of the platform considers a need for simplicity on one end and a need for handling more complex systems on the other. The blend of both allows any user to access the platform from anywhere. In the modern business, that is a top priority of new investments. If other enterprise solution companies don’t make this transition to multi-layered functionality, they will die from irrelevancy.

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