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Digital Transformation above all!

To change the world, it takes one idea, one person and a dedication to spreading the change. What used to take decades to circulate among people now takes seconds. Mobile technology has revolutionized how people are changing the world, empowering the disadvantaged and helping those who need it most. These are just a few of the areas where mobile devices and technology are rapidly improving the quality of life in underdeveloped countries and at home.

1. Healthcare

Better healthcare is a huge factor in giving people a better standard of life. Many doctors and engineers have innovated tools, companies and ideas that use a mobile device to serve more people in more areas. Cardiologist Eric Topol, author of “The Patient Will See You Now,” recently unveiled a photo of the first smartphone ultrasound/anatomical head-to-toe physical exam. The tool will allow a doctor to examine a patient in any setting and diagnose quickly without the need for expensive procedures or a trip to what could be a faraway hospital.

Digital Transformation

Topol is also an advocate for mobile medicine in every environment. His ideas include giving people the tools to test and monitor their own vitals from the comfort of home or the corner pharmacy. This eliminates the costly nature of healthcare and puts all the control in the hands of the patient. Being able to send data about those vitals to doctors over a smartphone keeps healthcare professionals involved, but they only intervene when necessary.

2. Financial Empowerment

Mobile banking is arguably the number one ingredient to connecting the world and giving people everywhere access to capital that can help them grow. Mobile financial services provide access to loans, savings, low-cost transactions, insurance and other monetary benefits to even the most remote business owners. For farmers in Myanmar, women entrepreneurs in Brazil and marketplace vendors in West Africa, banking from a mobile phone legitimizes these businesses and gives these people a newfound sense of empowerment and authority. Without the need for physical banks, many more people can gain the advantages of legal banking.

Digital Transformation

3. Political Uprisings

Another valuable side effect of the mobile revolution has been the ability to spark uprising to enact change in places of corrupt governments or unsafe unrest. Social media accessed from a mobile device accelerated the Egyptian revolution in 2011, helping a region come together to protest the repressive government and inspire real change. This use of social media and mobile connection has taken hold in many countries, including Syria when the civil war began and Latin American countries in turmoil. Regardless of how people are using these devices, there’s an undeniable quality of a mobile device that unites thousands of like-minded individuals for a single cause.

Mobile technology is touching every aspect of modern life, but these are just three areas where its making a difference by bringing new innovations to people who never before had the tools or power to rise up and change their worlds.

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