This is Procurement’s Golden Age

Procurement : The revolution of supplier relationships!

Procurement, not always known by that name, has been around for ages. For every major project, undertaking or industry there has been a person or group of people who manages the materials, ensures the proper items are secured and every tool in the arsenal is the right one. From the ancient Egyptian pyramids to major world wars to the industrial revolution, procurement specialists were essential to growth and achievement.

Procurement’s Golden Age

Never before was it so easy to share the responsibility of procurement across an organization while still managing even the most complex catalogs and supplier relationships with a completely transparent and user-friendly approach. Mobile procurement put purchasing power in more hands in more places, expanding the value of procurement beyond a single desk.

Those days of procurement and a shift toward modern business have set up the procurement industry to enter its golden age. These are the days that procurement departments are coming into their own by streamlining their processes, optimizing overall spend and enhancing business operations from all angles. The single factor propelling procurement into this golden age is technology.

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