UX is essential on a Digital Procurement Platform

User Experience on a platform is a key to success

Complex Utility

Managers need a platform that is multi-faceted for storing catalogs, managing negotiations, mediating contracts, handling accounting information and integrates across all organization systems. The average enterprise deals with at least one source-to-pay system, a customer relationship management system, and other business applications. Integrating all these for a transparent view of operations is becoming a standard of how technology fits into the business landscape.

Procurement is just one piece of that integration, albeit an important one.

 Procurement Platform: Users Want Beautiful and Complex

Procurement Users Want Beautiful and Complex

Technology makes User Experience part of Customer Satisfaction!

Now that technology has become nearly ubiquitous within the procurement industry, users of the various tools are determining what functionality, interfaces and capabilities make their jobs easier. Procurement managers want something that can handle all the complexities of their finely-tuned processes while specialists want something that is easy to use and instant to understand. These desires and needs should come together in a single platform that is both beautiful to look at and explore and involved enough in the backend to streamline many layers of tasks from all angles.

Michael Jud stated today : “Having a procurement platform that can draw data and use stored information from all other company systems gives managers an advantage of being aware of what’s happening across the corporation for more informed decision making. Procurement can get complicated, but the right platform can adapt to difficulty and make it look easy on your end.”

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