Procurement Teams Doing More with Less

Mobile & e-Procurement made intuitive!

Most professionals in recent decades have heard the request, “We need you to do more with less.” More work for less money, more output with less budget, more success with less resources. Whatever the circumstances, most procurement teams have been in this situation.

Intuitive Procurement

A recent survey from Deloitte revealed the digital revolution within procurement is not only making this request of procurement specialists, but making it easier to in fact, do more with less. So while the phrase might induce panic and stress in many professionals, the procurement industry should embrace the realities of how technology is transforming tasks from labor-intensive and multi-step to be user-friendly with incredibly fast turnaround.

The Deloitte survey makes the conclusion that “disruptive digital technologies” will completely change the way procurement managers and specialists do their jobs and manage supply asset.

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