Procurement: Culture and Integration

The USA is a melting pot, why dont you make business with minority businesses?

The United States has prided itself on being a melting pot of ethnicities, cultures and types of people. Its history of immigration, struggle and providing an advantage to the disadvantaged has created a vastly diverse geopolitical landscape. This blend of people from all different backgrounds and relationships with other countries can teach procurement teams how to create an inclusive culture and comply with standards of diversity.

Procurement Culture

Procurement, Negotiations and Diversity

Exchanging and Negotiating with Minorities have always been a Challenge in our History

In recent years, and with attention being drawn by U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, Mexico and other parts of Latin America have had a contentious and volatile relationship with the U.S. Immigration, both legal and illegal, has drawn stark lines in the geopolitical environment for many parties. Adjacent countries aside, the U.S. grapples with policies of inclusion every day, especially with a surge in need for refuge for many citizens of war-stricken countries. As a massive political power, the United States is not going to find a simple solution. Its government will continue to contend with answers and consequences, but if anything, procurement departments can take the lead in prioritizing inclusion in its processes.

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