Supplier Relationship and Procurement

Getting in business with a large number of suppliers, inclusive of minority, veteran and women-owned businesses.

Procurement inclusion is the effort to actively establish relationships with a wide range of suppliers, including minority, veteran and women-owned small businesses. A mobile procurement app can create a direct line to discovering, researching and enabling minority businesses. While technology might not be the answer to all of the United States’ woes, it can alleviate concerns within procurement.

Procurement and Suppliers

Geopolitics, Minorities and Business

The mix sounds like explosive, doesn’t it?

Despite a current reality of an unpredictable U.S. geopolitical landscape, procurement specialists should look to the founding principles of the country that value new ideas, different perspectives and people of all kinds.

The United States has enacted federal requirements for large corporations and government groups to ensure a certain percentage of their suppliers are considered small minority business owners. Inclusion begins with a small step in using one supplier of uncommon origin. That can lead to a host of others and fuels an economy focused on helping every person, even the naturally underprivileged.

Same apply to Marketing Strategies when it comes to minority businesses!

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