Web and Mobile are Merging…

Websites and Mobile Applications are now becoming One!

When smartphones suddenly enabled people to access the internet from anywhere, users discovered how awful a site designed for legacy systems translated to the device in their pockets. From this frustration emerged responsive design. Companies didn’t want to lose customers between devices, so industries adapted to a new way of doing business. Naturally, sites between a spacious desktop and a crunched mobile screen had different priorities and looked unalike. Even though engineers figured out how to transition experiences fairly seamlessly, the line was still drawn between desktop and mobile.

Desktop and Mobile Becoming One

UI and UX put customers #1

UI & UX result in a greater customer experience…

Now, with further advancements to blur desktop and mobile, online experiences are becoming one.

Eventually there will be no distinction between a desktop and mobile operating system and, in turn, how a user navigates their digital experiences. People are expecting much more power, functionality and specificity from their devices regardless of where, how and why they are using them. If a person is ordering take out on her tablet while watching a movie on her laptop and emailing a coworker from her phone, she wants each device to respond quickly and achieve each task with the same proficiency across channels.

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