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When it comes to mobile procurement, security is a vital issue!

While the Internet is a place of great opportunity and potential accelerating the world, it’s also a place of risk and sometimes danger. As this helpful tool spreads more widely to mobile devices, so too does the risk of being hacked. Mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets to connected everyday items, are increasingly under attack from different angles. The sophistication of attacks is growing—16 million mobile devices were infected by malware in 2014—but thankfully so are the solutions to prevent and mitigate such negative events. 

Procurement in the mobile space is watching these developments with a careful eye because of its importance to enterprises. With financial information and a large database about a company’s needs, mobile procurement is particularly susceptible to some aspects of mobile security.

3 Mobile Security Concerns

Which are the Security Concerns?

These include:

  • Mobile Payment Systems

Hackers are targeting mobile payment systems like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Venmo. These are primarily consumer-focused mobile apps, but the concern is that these hackings will evolve to enterprise-level attacks. Considering procurement deals with payment and is transitioning to mobile payment, it is a top priority to protect these systems from vulnerabilities.

  • Device Hijacking

When using a free WiFi network in a coffee shop or airport, you run the risk of having a hacker hijack your device and gain access to your information and private network. Mobile devices have enabled professionals to do business from anywhere, but there is also a great hazard to not being fully aware of the safety of the networks around. To prevent a device hijacking and to keep all personal data secure, it’s best to use a VPN key and encrypt all communication.

Procurement Security

  • Internet of Things

IoT is simply becoming a way of life, but if the security remains flimsy, hackers will be able to get data from even the most unlikely sources. Children’s toys, WiFi-enabled household items and any device that connects to a cloud are at risk of being intercepted and used as a gateway to more sensitive information.

Procurement specialists leveraging the power of a mobile platform should be aware of these and other mobile security concerns to protect their systems and all confidential company data.

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