Attracting Millennials to… Procurement

Millennials are now the largest demographic in the United States, outnumbering Baby Boomers by nearly one million.

Those born between 1980–1999 are entering the workforce at such rapid rates, companies need to adapt to their needs. Companies are realizing that appealing to the biggest pool of applicants will bring them the best talent and help advance their company with innovative and creative ideas.

Matching Digital Businesses, Values and Talents…

Millennials want to have their say and work in the right workplace, as they are Digital Natives.

Millennials want to use their skills for good, want a company that matches their values, and want to have a voice with clear impact on an organization.

As digital natives, technology is also a crucial piece of attracting millennials to the workplace. Offering beyond basics will give millennials good reason to consider your company and your industry.

They need to be able to envision themselves long term in the space and without realistic standards of digital tools, they’ll never stick around.

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