Deloitte Procurement Report and Digital Revolution

Procurement is going through a digital transformation in 2016

Key Highlights


  • Reducing the cost is a top priority for CPOs in order to face a slowing economy
  • Cost reductions will help businesses to maintain their growth
  • A better understanding between CEOs, CFOs and Procurement People
  • Higher commitment and better interactions with suppliers are key to smooth operations
  • Getting the right talent is also vital for CPOs – 62% of them!
  • Smarter outsourcing strategies are the essence of procurement in companies and organisations


Is your business ready to take advantage and drive competitive advantages ?

Deloitte Procurement Report : Digital Revolution

Digital Transformation in Procurement

3 findings that will revitalize the industry…

3 Places Digital Transformation Significantly Improved Procurement

For all the changes and shifts digital transformation has created, the ones within procurement have been significant enough to revitalize the entire industry.

Integrating mobile-enabled technology and solutions into traditional and modern procurement processes has greatly simplified how companies manage materials, conduct supplier relationships and negotiate for the best value.

This move toward innovative approaches and better technology has helped procurement specialists streamline their ways of working and improve a few specific areas of their responsibilities.

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