Silicon Beach Los Angeles is the World’s Mobile App Capital

Silicon Beach in Los Angeles is the place to be for mobile businesses, starting with Snapchat…

Led by the Mayor of Los Angeles, Silicon Beach is located around Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Playa Del Rey. Hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs got it right :

  • Finding investors in LA or San Francisco is as easy as 1,2,3
  • Los Angeles prices for offices and housing are way cheaper compared to Silicon Valley
  • Hollywood plays again a major role in boosting Silicon Beach
  • The essence of Silicon Beach is Mobile Applications and Mobility – in broad terms

Vroozi is based in Los Angeles, at the heart of the mobility industry.

Mobile Technology: Key to Growth

Mobile Technology is the Key to Growth

The mobile industry has very good days ahead, as mobility is a key issue in today’s world.

Growing as a business used to be a labor of dedication and perseverance. The tools to grow were never so obvious as they are now. While the strategies aren’t cut and dry, the one thing small businesses should implement to jumpstart their growth is mobile technology, including procurement.

A recent eBay UK study found that 62% of UK small businesses expect to grow this year in the wake of adopting more mobile technology for their internal processes and for reaching customers. Although, focused on the UK, the study reveals worldwide trends of how companies are viewing a shift to mobile technology.

Mobile Technology: Key to Growth

Go Mobile, Go Digital & Grow your Business

Since the introduction of Apple’s first iPhone, mobile technology has strongly evolved!

Mobile technology helped 25% of SMEs grow twice as fast and could add 7 million additional jobs to the SME space, making a noticeable impact on the revenues and cultures of small to mid-sized businesses.

First and foremost, mobile technology has enabled businesses to operate from anywhere. This allows any business person to work whenever the job needs to get done or fit work into a flexible real-life schedule.

Considering that 94% of SME leaders use a smartphone to manage their business, the trend to take work on the go has permeated nearly every industry.

Are you ready for Growth and Business Development?

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