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Intelligent and Quality Data using AI…

Inarguably, technology has shaped the current state of procurement.

At the Global Procurement Tech Summit, it was evident how true this has become. IBM’s Vice President of Global Procurement Dan Carrell gave a presentation putting the topic into perspective. He shed light on how a massive corporation deals with procurement and even how IBM’s Watson is helping their procurement processes.

Watson is a technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from unstructured data. In the context of procurement, this technology can be integrated with a mobile procurement platform. Together, these tools simplify procurement down to speaking into a phone to find the best suppliers, prices and schedules.

Procurement to go through Digital Transformation… like other industries!

Intelligent Data via Artificial Intelligence

How to… empower IBM’s voice-technology of Watson

Procurement coupled with Voice-Technology is the next big thing in the industry!

The voice-technology of Watson and a mobile platform can find the best services from a simple voice command.

But beyond the surface-level tasks of procurement, artificial intelligence can also take care of all the complexity and nuances of procuring materials and services for a company.

Imagine being able to say, “Find the top three suppliers of textiles in a 50-mile radius,” and in an instant, the results appear, you can make a decision, place an order and negotiate a contract. From there, the artificial intelligence would process and produce intelligent data to be used in the future.

The analytic and user-friendly nature of this type of technology stands to revolutionize how procurement specialists think about their jobs and maximize procurement spend.

Carrell also highlighted another advantage of using Watson for procurement. Everyone can effortlessly adapt the technology into their current ways of working.

He mentioned that thousands of members of IBM’s procurement team happily started using it in their daily responsibilities because of how easy it is to use. Vroozi’s mobile procurement platform offers the same accessible user experience.

Aligning Watson voice-technology and a mobile procurement solution could be the next phase of contemporary procurement tools.  

Are you Watson-Ready?


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