How the Purchasing Department evolved…

The Purchasing Department is also going through a Digital Transformation, called Procurement!

Procurement has existed, though not by that name, since the time of the Egyptian pyramids. The scribes who tracked materials and supply on papyrus rolls were instrumental in the building of the iconic wonder of the world.

This form of supply chain led to the formation of modern procurement departments. At the time of the Industrial Revolution, ledgers filled with handwritten records became crucial to massive factories filling quotas and expanding production.

Purchasing Department, Digital Transformation

Placing an order with pen and paper…

From Pen & Paper to Excel…

The pen and paper form of procurement took a step into technology with the introduction of Excel and similar spreadsheet programs.

However, this second phase of procurement was just one step forward in the presentation of data and not an advancement in understanding procurement activity or vastly improving the overall industry.

Processes still involved delivering an order to a supplier and waiting a lengthy period for the order to be filled with some amount of mystery in between placing an order and receiving it.

And came Modern Procurement

Modern Procurement is on the web and mobile devices…

Having more clear and digital data birthed the modern procurement system by characterizing every purchase and organizing records. Despite this innovation, no one used the capabilities in a way that mattered.

Many procurement specialists and supply chain professionals still relied on old ways of working.
Then came a true revolution.

As technology disrupted every industry, it greatly enhanced procurement. This third phase of procurement has used digital transformation as an entry point to completely reconstruct how procurement is operated and analyzed. Mobile-enabled tools put the power of procurement in any user’s hand to complete an order from anywhere.

A transparent procurement platform allows companies to view all activity and to gain insights from the analysis of data. Full integration with all existing technology and back-end systems is also revolutionary to fitting into a business model instantly.

Technology, although we are in the midst of its evolution and charge forward, has significantly impacted how the purchasing department evolved.

From handwritten orders to simplistic digital files to sophisticated technology, mobile procurement has ridden the waves of change to evolve to a place of important growth.

Are you Mobile-Procurement ready?


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