Procurement Celebrates Diversity

Rio 2016 has been a Diversity Success!

As the 31st Olympic games closed in Rio on August 21, 2016, we were once again reminded of the diversity and celebration the games cultivate in the world. With over 200 countries participating, a host nation showing off its culture and national pride being stirred in all spectators and participants, the Olympics are all about bringing diverse people together for a common goal.

The Ancient Olympic games originated to honor the Greek god Zeus, but the modern games, which started in 1896, were a way to celebrate athletic competition between nations. The first games took place in Athens as an homage to the original games and hosted 280 participants from 13 countries. Since then, the games have grown to include 11,000 athletes of all walks of life from nearly all the world’s countries.

This year, even refugees of war-torn countries participated under the Olympic federation. Walking in during the closing ceremony as one group rather than divided by nation, the athletes showcased how world unity and celebrating diversity can strengthen the world.Olympics and Procurement Celebrate Diversity

Procurement & Suppliers

At the heart of Supplier Relationship

Procurement, above all other areas of business, celebrates diversity in a similar spirit as the Olympics. Giving a company goods and services from a variety of suppliers is important to maintaining the mission of the company and creating partnerships with all types of suppliers.

Supplier diversity is one of the most important compliance measures a company addresses. By using woman-owned, minority-owned, sustainable or other less advantaged companies, procurement boosts the local economy and ensures services and goods are being sourced for quality and price.

Procurement depends on the idea of diversity because products and services can come from any number of countries. This pattern in supply chain operations fuels the global economy. Procurement departments are responsible for blending the ideals of many cultures and places into a single end goal.

Procurement celebrates and works toward diversity to strengthen the overall business.


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