Olympics 2016 or Business, a Team needs to Collaborate!

The bigger the team gets, the harder it gets…

At the Rio Olympics, not only was superhuman capability and sportsmanship on display, but we also got many chances to see the best features of teamwork in action. From swimming relays racing to the finish to volleyball players assisting one another on the court to the Final Five dazzling on the gymnastics floor, teamwork was everywhere at the 2016 Olympic games. Every member of these teams—from a two-person sculling team to the over 500-member Team USA—plays an important role in achieving success.

As teams get larger, it becomes much more difficult to manage individual players. The complexity of getting a huge team on the same page is overwhelming. At the Olympics, the goal is always the same: gold Olympics 2016 or Business, a Team needs to Collaborate!

But in a company, the larger the team, the more complicated the goal. It can be nearly impossible to get everyone on the same page. As the solution for driven national athletes is simply narrowing the focus to a single accomplishment, in procurement for corporations, the solution is making teamwork easy and unavoidable.

Collaborative Procurement in Business

Transposition Made Easy!

 A centralized and mobile procurement platform like Vroozi allows any user, no matter her skill level or role in the company, to shop and complete orders. The ease of use subtly encourages teamwork and invites everyone in a business to participate in procurement. When something is so easy to use it becomes the only option, adoption rates increase and effectiveness of operations improves.

For example, when Houston, Texas, replaced its entire taxi service with Uber, residents and visitors were given an affordable and simple option that they were probably already using. Teamwork should be something we don’t give a second thought to. It should be something that is inherent to our natural ways of working.

Tools that enable this to be a reality are crucial to driving success.

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