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France with Nessium Consulting!

After establishing success in the United States with Fortune 1000 companies with a vast global footprint, Vroozi is proud to now be available in France and Europe in partnership with Nessium Consulting. The mobile-enabled procurement solution has helped transform many companies, including a major entertainment company. In this case, producers and employees working in various studios were able to use Vroozi on the job, making purchases and order requests right from set. This greatly sped the production timeline, saved the company money and brought them the best products and services.Procurement: Vroozi deploying in Europe

Vroozi, which integrates with all legacy backend systems, also gives large companies one-stop spend visibility. The universal catalog marketplace accessed from any device at any time empowers companies by giving employees the ease of participating in procurement and simplifying the process.

Cloud Procurement Made Easy!

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Vroozi’s Procurement Solution at a Glance

Vroozi is a cloud-based enterprise software vendor offering global clients customizable solutions. Vroozi platform features include complete mobile-enabled procure-to-pay functionality, catalog content and supplier management, master data management, workflow approval, and integration with other financial systems. When Vroozi was founded five years ago, they aimed to make a robust catalog management system and marketplace to be integrated with ERP systems for companies to shop like they do in Amazon.

Soon, they realized a better way to meet evolving standards with this technology was to make it mobile. Now, employees can complete all procurement processes in the critical path of their jobs instead of going out of their ways.

One of the most useful additions Vroozi has made to its solution since its inception is a procurement analytics dashboard. Powered by Domo, the dashboard gives procurement managers and other company executives the insight about spend and purchasing activity needed to make informed decisions. With our procurement expertise and Domo’s strength in presenting analysis visualization, users can see how procurement is affecting the organization in one glance.

The visibility and transparency of this feature allows users to ask the right questions and Vroozi and Domo to provide the right answers.

ERP Ready!

Which are the integrated ERP?

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Another important feature of the Vroozi solution is its ability to integrate with all ERP and backend systems. We have experience working in conjunction with IBM, Oracle, SAP and others. This allows companies to keep legacy systems intact while making a minimal investment for improving the frontend consumer shopping experience.

Beyond these cutting-edge features, Vroozi continues to innovate in the procurement space. Earlier this year, they launched Purchase Express, which gives all users access and ease to shop without complexity. They simply choose the items they want, share their lists with power shoppers for approval, and the complexity is left to the organization’s procurement experts.

This summer Vroozi integrated with Amazon Business. This allows any company without formal procurement processes to start using Vroozi’s purchase manager to shop thousands of suppliers and millions of items. Using Amazon Business gives them the proper procurement processes and vast catalog to shop from. In September, Vroozi will be launching its first free trial. Through this free trial, anyone can try out the platform and integrate with Amazon suppliers right away.

There is no better way to discover the power of Vroozi than to give it a test drive.

Vroozi and Nessium Consulting France are excited to be here to showcase the features, benefits and transformative nature of this mobile-enabled procurement platform.

Are you ready to Vroozi?


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