Alibaba Increases Revenue with Mobile Sales

China’s Online Marketplace Giant

Mobile Apps: Key to Business Growth

Alibaba saw a 192% increase in its mobile sales year‐ over year from 2014 to 2015. In the first quarter of 2016, the company saw another 33% increase in revenue driven by mobile activity. It’s safe to say at this point in the game that Alibaba has a handle on its mobile strategy and is taking advantage of the rise in mobile  consumer usage.Alibaba mobile sales are up

The company monetized many of its users’ habits by leveraging their mobile activity. When it was clear that mobile was quickly becoming the platform of choice for online shopping, Alibaba  adapted to the trend and made significant gains because of it. Other companies hoping to grow  with consumer behavior shouldn’t be ignoring the power of the mobile platform. 


Mobile Shopping First!

B2C and… B2B Plaforms & Marketplace

Amazon, Alibaba are Leaders

As mobile shopping becomes the primary consumer interaction, procurement departments will  also need to adopt a mobile way of working to match their employees’ expectations and current  methods. Vroozi is a mobile procurement platform that allows any user to shop as  intuitively as they do on Amazon or Alibaba. Being able to shop in the critical path of the job  from any device ensures that companies are meeting goals and driving success. It also helps a  procurement team drive spend more effectively. 

Mobile is not bound to take off; it already has.

It has skyrocketed to the dominant way of  browsing and shopping. Alibaba made haste on this and so should procurement departments.  To stand any chance at involving an entire corporation in the success of procurement, the tools  have to match the lifestyle of being able to search and buy with a few taps on a pocket‐sized  screen. Vroozi simplifies procurement and can help any company drive their own revenue and  mobile‐minded strategies with an easy‐to‐use, mobile‐enabled procurement platform.


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