Motivate Your Procurement Employees!

5 Tips to Boost Procurement Experts

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Michael Phelps said in an interview, “After I won my first gold medal, I never turned back. I wanted more and more.” It might seem like a simple statement, but the concept is intrinsic to productivity and motivation in the workplace.

Most people don’t work because they enjoy it. In fact, a 1960 study by Douglas McGregor revealed that the average human being has an inherent dislike of work and will avoid it if they can. So, how do you encourage your employees to work? You have to give them a reason.Motivate Your Procurement Employees!

To get your employees to put forth the effort, there needs to be a benefit—money, satisfaction, or security—that makes it worth their while. Just as Phelps swam for over 20 years to get his gold medals, employees will show up at work every day if they have a similar reward at the end of their effort. In fact, the promise of rewards is far more effective at increasing employee effort than almost anything else, according to a study by Michigan State University.

The question is, how do you motivate your employees effectively?

5 Tips for Motivation

Here are some Tricks to keep Procurement Employees happy

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  • Incentivize: While telling your employees how they’re doing is important, it’s just as vital to reward them for a job well done. Instead of only punishing for mistakes, implement a program that gives bonuses and recognition for a job well done.
  • Set Small Goals: Big, yearlong goals are great, but they can be express-mobilehard to focus on 24/7. Instead, set up small goals to keep people focused. Encourage your procurement team to save $1,000 each week and then reward them for reaching that small goal.
  • Individualize: Yes, your procurement department wins or loses as a team, but employees want to know what’s expected of them individually. Find out what makes each of your employees tick and then find a goal and incentive that motivates them as an individual.

Just what Procurement Leaders need…

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Vroozi’s procurement software displays individual buying statistics on every employee’s dashboard. These statistics reveal how your employee is performing day in and day out, so they know where they’re succeeding and where they could put in additional effort. Then, when you combine our statistics and analysis with your company’s reward/bonus program, it’s a simple matter to motivate your employees to keep going after the gold.