4 Ps of Procurement

Marketing has its 4 Ps, Procurement Does Too !

Procurement 4P

We all know about Supply Chain.

How About Procurement ?

Procurement exists under various forms :

We will explain the differences between the solutions listed above in a post dedicated to Procurement Software.

Marketing  & Procurement…

We all know the 4 Ps Theory and we tried to work out the 4 Ps of Procurement. We finally found them :


Procurement allows any business to improve and automate the B2B Purchasing Process


Procurement allows purchasing managers / departments to increase profits by better negotation with different suppliers

for Profiling

Procurement helps you better define the company’s requirements in term of purchases and centralize all the data on one simple & easy-to-use system.


Procurement allows companies to automate all purchasing processes for a business with savings, requirement profiling – thus a higher performance !

Procurement & its IssuesProcurement 4P

  • Time
  • Complexity of arrangements
  • Nature and scope of various purchasing processes
  • Quality Control
  • Potential for changes
  • Cost certainty
  • Legal Responsibility
  • Risk
  • Overall Control
  • Spend Management

Procurement is a key issue, whatever the size of your company.

Some people have the right answers : Procurement Specialists !

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