Presidential Debate Vs Supplier Negotiations

There are similar things between Supplier Relationships and the 2016 Presidential Debate.

At the heart of the Procurement World…

Mobile Procurement Platform helps you negotiate!

Presidential debates are notoriously hotbeds for soundbites, political and personal attacks and a showcase of negotiation. The art of negotiation within the procurement space is not nearly as contentious, but in many ways reflects the qualities of a presidential debate.

Presidential Debate Vs Procurement Negotiations

At the end of the debate or a negotiation, parties on either side of the discussion should come away with achievements and compromises.

A mobile procurement platform like Vroozi can take out all the guess work of going through the negotiation process. The “any device, anywhere” nature of the platform allows you to perform a negotiation on your terms without the hassle of time-consuming exchanges.

While a procurement negotiation isn’t as impassioned as a presidential debate, and usually has lower consequences, the process is still essential to the procurement function of every company.

And learning from the ups and downs of this unique election cycle, procurement professionals can take away insights, examples and lessons from watching politicians duke it out in three-minute bursts.

Are you ready for Monday’s Presidential Debate 2016?


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