Procurement Negotiations like a Presidential Debate?

At the heart of Supplier Relationship Management

Presidential Candidates and Suppliers have Similarities…

Procurement & American Elections!

With the 2016 American election in full swing, shots are being fired, arguments are being waged and candidate debates feel like they are every week. From Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, the candidates have demonstrated their views and allegiances on a stage debating with their party counterparts.

Procurement Negotiations and Presidential Debate

Debate or Negotiations ? How do you interpret it ?

The next few months will see more debates between the two confirmed candidates and Americans will have to make a decision based on what happens on and off those stages.

Have you ever tried?

Supplier Negotiations

Tips to Handle Supplier Relationship

How to Debate?

A debate opening and a negotiation opening begin with friendly remarks and pleasant introductions. Candidates calmly present their ideas and companies build a relationship with trust and reliability.

As the negotiation continues, the stakes are raised for candidates and suppliers and companies.

A few back-and-forth exchanges include points, counter-points, offers and counter offers. Despite a rise in emotional response from a presidential debate, hopefully procurement negotiations remain strictly professional. At the closing of the negotiation, it’s important to lay the groundwork for moving forward. Candidates wrap up their point of view in a few strong sentences and procurement specialists should set the tone for a supplier relationship with a contract and fair terms.

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