Catalog is the Soul of e-Procurement

Online shopping: Catalog Recommendations…

…based on your Browsing and Purchasing History


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Perhaps one of the best features of online shopping is the recommendations a site’s algorithm generates based on past browsing and purchasing history. If you spent hours looking for hiking boots, the site might also suggest socks, a water bottle and hiking poles. And if the hiking boots you want are out of stock, the site can direct you to a similar style.

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A procurement e-catalog works in the same fashion when guiding buyers to the options ideal for both the shopper and the company’s requirements.

E-Catalog Presenting Alternatives

Driven by the Site’s Algorithm!

Powerful Tool for any Supplier

Online shopping: Catalog Recommendations

An e-catalog really excels at presenting alternatives that fit the bill when the sought item or service doesn’t match certain objectives. In many cases, a company has set parameters or negotiated a contract for specific spend or brands. If a worker searches for an iPad, but the company uses strictly PCs, the catalog will show all the tablets that would get the job done at the best price.

A catalog also works to a supplier’s advantage with alternative and package presentation. Suppliers can offer all the elements that often accompany a single item as a package deal. For that tablet, a shopper might see a bundle that includes the tablet, a case, a charger and a keyboard for a discounted price than if he purchased all items separately. These packages and alternatives allow suppliers to feature their offerings more prominently and stand out in a rich database of options.

This also takes shoppers to the items and services that are most appropriate for their needs. Together, suppliers and shoppers can collaborate and discover the many choices for their procurement requirements. When a catalog empowers shoppers to see beyond their preconceived constructs, suppliers and companies win. The cut costs, new deals and best items drive success across an organization.

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