Honesty Pays Off

Transparency and Visibility Too

How to Apply these to Procurement?

Many say the Election of 2016 is a matter of “choosing the lesser of two evils.” Neither candidate stands out as a highly ethical, moral or normal person. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are caught up in the politics of Washington, the delusions of Hollywood or a combination of the two.

How to Apply these to Procurement?

Voters would benefit from some honesty from the candidates. The recent presidential debate was a full-blown showcase of lies and deception. The standard of American politics has come to include some level of misrepresentation, but this election cycle has seen that standard explode. The American public is clamoring for some honesty from their candidates. Honesty is the foundation of how candidates demonstrate their value and how voters choose the best representation of their ideals. With all the backtracking, lies and cover-ups, it’s hard to establish that foundation.

Quintessentially, honesty shows that a candidate has nothing to hide.

It is a lifting of the veil on all their virtues and vices, presenting the whole picture to the voting masses. Honesty builds the character of a person. It highlights all qualities and presents a humble person willing to admit to her weaknesses and use his strengths for good. Trump and Clinton would become stronger candidates by introducing a little more honesty into their campaigns and their lives because of the visibility it creates.

Procurement and Honesty

Procurement and Visibility

At the heart of Best Practices

Honesty and visibility are also closely connected within an organization. When a company is operating ethically, honestly and openly, there is less chance for mistakes, scandal and devastating effects. Especially within procurement, visibility is critical to success. The Vroozi platform ensures that everyone in the company can see what everyone else is buying, shopping and negotiating.

This maximizes spend, reduces duplicate or unnecessary procurement and encourages anyone to get involved and make an impact through procurement.

Honesty is the road to visibility.

These qualities are ones of leading organizations and top leaders. American politics isn’t likely to see an increase in honesty and visibility, at least not in the next few months, but procurement can. Sign up for a Vroozi 30-day free trial today to see how you can make procurement more visible to make your company more honest.


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