Salesforce and Vroozi: Benefits

Putting Businesses First!

A Look at How Business Technology Improves Visibility, Relationships and Forecasting


With all the exciting announcements and initiatives from Salesforce Dreamforce, we wanted to share some things we share with Salesforce.

VisibilityTracks your pipeline and salesTracks spend in real-time and contract compliance
Manage RelationshipsOrganizes prospects and leads in your sales pipelineOrganizes suppliers and products for easier access
Money ForecastHelps you forecast your potential revenueHelps forecast budget and future spend

Improving the Selling Process

Vroozi aims at Small Business with a Procurement-Ready Platform

Discover how B2B Purchasing is made simple!

We love Salesforce and how it improves our own selling process.

Salesforce paved the way for small and medium sized businesses to access their cloud CRM; we give access to small and medium sized businesses to cloud procurement like never before.


Just like Salesforce, we have a free trial that will help you to see for yourself how Vroozi gives you the power in your procurement process.


Are you ready to Vroozi?


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