Invest in People First… not Technology!

What is a Winning Digital Transformation?

When the Real Best Investment is in People

When it comes to investments and/or digital transformation, we often hear:

Invest in People, Ideas and then Technology!

Here is why….

After recently attending Salons Solutions, a conference showcasing the best available business technology, Vroozi executives confirmed their belief that investing in human interests and the talent and skills of your workforce and remembering that real people are at the center of an organization will save companies thousands of dollars. While many of the innovative companies at the conference touted their solutions for being able to increase efficiency and cut costs, Vroozi identified a different need.

Vroozi's Ivy Montgomerry

When a company invests in solutions that serve the people using them more effectively, they are likely to see a higher return on that investment. For example, there might be a solution that is top-of-the-line and able to fix problems or introduce better ways of working. However, if it is too complex for even the most entry-level employee to understand, that value is lost. Companies should be buying technology to make the lives of their workforce easier, not more convoluted.

Technology can only increase productivity if users can jump right in.

The total cost of ownership isn’t just the check being written or the analytical projections. Companies choosing new business technology must consider how a solution fits into the lives, workflows and processes of the people using them.

Empowering People…

The “Ridiculously Made Simple” Concept

How Procurement puts People First?

When it comes to procurement, that means thinking about every player of an organization and realizing their knowledge of shopping for items might be limited. In this case, a multi-layered solution that takes tons of training to fully comprehend is actually a bad investment because of the time lost to training and integrating a system for limited benefits.

Procurement Expert, Michael JudVroozi knows that procurement should be as simple as searching a catalog for an item. That’s why our platform simplifies every step of the procurement process no matter if an employee has been in procurement for 25 years or is just hearing of the process of ordering items for the office. Because anyone can use the procurement platform from any device in any manner, ordering can be completed in the critical path of work and procurement remains a critical piece of the business without inducing headaches.

Ask Michael Jud, Procurement Expert at Vroozi >>

To invest in the right solution today that values how your workforce interacts with technology and makes procurement easier, sign up for a 30-day free trial to see Vroozi in action.

Are you ready to go “Made Simple”?


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