Do you spend time on selecting the right technology?

Vroozi knows time is money!

Which would you choose: $1 million today or one penny doubled every day for 30 days?

When I first heard this question as a young girl, I was quick to choose a million dollars.

Procurement Worth Your Time?

Well, I didn’t get the million dollars on Day One or the $5.4 million on Day 30, but I did learn a powerful lesson. Being informed about your money decisions can make a big difference!

How do you Organize your B2B Purchasing?

Get Informed, Spend Less, Get Back Time

Good Technology = Greater Productivity

With a simple purchasing approval and tracking systems, you know exactly where your budget and spend is at all times.

Spend Management and Visibility are crucial to Cost Savings

How do you use your time? As an individual and as a business?

Take 5 mn to discover a unique purchasing system to see how it gives you the power to make informed decisions. Its main features are:

  • Purchase Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Marketplace
  • Spend Analytics
  • Purchase Express
  • Supplier Portal
  • Compatible with many ERPs

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