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How will Bitcoin be used in Procurement?

Procurement anytime, anywhere on any device.

Is Bitcoin in the loop?

Digital Transformation in Procurement anytime, anywhere & on any device!

Bitcoin is on the rise and not just in popularity. The digital currency has reached the highest value it has ever seen and continues to increase. In just one year, it has doubled in price from $226 in June 2015 to $550 in June 2016.

Will Mobile Procurement Ever Use Bitcoin?

This surge, regardless of its causes, is pushing bitcoin from a novelty to a viableform of business currency exchange.

Are you ready to Mobile Procurement?

Procurement in the Mobile Technology Space

B2B Purchasing made Mobile Purchasing and Procurement

Mobile Procurement and Bitcoin to make their way…

Who says mobile technology, says mobile payment!

As procurement finds its footing in the mobile technology space, bitcoin and its distributed database, blockchain might enter the industry with great force for a number of benefits and advantages. The open source peer-to-peer payment network and the growing list of transactions is an instant, transparent and innovative way to exchange currency and track deals.

For procurement that would speed every invoice timeline and allow corporations to expand their business with very few limits.

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