Transparency in Procurement and Presidential Debates

Procurement requires Transparency, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump too!

The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a sight to be seen. In fact, 84 million people, more than ever before, tuned in to witness the war of words between the Democratic and Republican nominees. While the night inevitably produced some memes (Hillary’s shoulder shimmy or Donald’s comment about 400-pound hackers), it also exposed some important themes from campaigns of this caliber—ones that can be drawn as parallels to the procurement functions of a business.


Throughout the debate, Trump and Clinton continuously urged one another to reveal certain facts about themselves. Clinton called for Trump to release his tax returns, Trump suggested Clinton should release the email records created on a private server during her tenure as Secretary of State. Instead of discussing issues, the two candidates aggressively proposed they come out of the shadows and show the American public who they really are. Neither candidate has taken the other up on the proposal and the election season is quickly approaching Election Day without a clear dedication to transparency.

With the information that these candidates are calling for, the voters would be able to better understand who they are as people and politicians.

The transparency provided by uncovering every document and piece of essential information shows exactly what they are getting.

Procurement and Transparency in the Organization

How To: Management Spend for Better Spend Analytics

Procurement, while not as cutthroat or dramatic as a presidential race, also requires adequate transparency. When an organization can fully see the activities of shoppers, procurement specialists and other stakeholders, it can more effectively manage spend, negotiate with suppliers and adhere to compliance standards. The Vroozi platform provides the transparency needed to accomplish all this and more. It allows users to immerse themselves in the catalog, which presents every option with full disclosure. Knowing which items correspond to minority suppliers, contract-spend or budget concerns helps procurement reach optimal performance.

To see this transparency in action, you don’t even have to commit like a voter to a candidate.

You can try Vroozi for a free 30-day trial before implementing it across your organization. But we have a hunch, you’ll like it more than Hillary likes pantsuits and Donald likes self-tanner.


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