Procurement vs the Presidential Race

Cost of Negative Forces

The second presidential debate was another showcase of the candidates spending more time talking about their rival’s flaws and mistakes than touting their own platforms.

The trend in political campaigns in the past few decades has been attack ads, mudslinging and the art of the counter response. One candidate uses a damaging point to destroy the other’s reputation, and that candidate then responds with his own ad.

This is the cost of negative forces.

When politicians have to spend their time and energy on the defense against the opposing party, there is less time and energy for developing, campaigning and implementing ideas and policy plans. The game of name calling and staying on top of the attacks is counterproductive to the foundation of politics.

Negative Forces in Business and Procurement!

Processes and Profit are affected…

Negative Forces in Procurement and the Presidential Race

The same can be said of certain aspects of business. There are many activities and processes that negatively affect the bottom line of profit and efficiency.

Procurement is one area that particularly suffers from the cost of negative forces.

When companies have to waste time on unproductive negotiations, going back and forth multiple rounds with limited results, they lose the time and money that could have been spent more effectively.

Procurement is also a place where many have to second-guess their expertise. When every organization member gets involved, levels of knowledge about the process of shopping and purchasing vary, making it a convoluted method at best and a logistical nightmare at worst. These negative forces don’t just directly affect procurement, but then many parties, just like presidential candidates, spend time justifying the time spent rectifying negative forces, which takes even more time away from the critical path of work.

Procurement Made Simple!

Our Goal: No Negative Forces…

Understanding these negative forces are at work, Vroozi has simplified the procurement process to be an easy-to-navigate experience.

The mobile-enabled platform streamlines supplier relationships, makes it possible for any user of any level to shop the catalog and eliminates the complexity of procurement for any sized organization.

Unlike Hillary and Donald, Vroozi wants to stay away from negative forces and bring companies back to what’s important. To eliminate your negative forces, sign up for a 30-day free trial.


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