Catalog is the Soul of Procurement

When online catalogs are vital to an industry!

This month, we are exploring why the e-catalog is the soul of procurement.

As the place where all procurement activity stems from, the catalog’s usability and functionality is critical to the success of any procurement team. The Vroozi e-catalog and mobile-enabled solution has one feature in particular that makes it a smart addition to any procurement process.

The familiarity of the catalog allows anyone to use the catalog in an intuitive way. Vroozi has simplified the catalog to resemble e-commerce and other recognizable shopping platforms. So instead of confusing users with a complex system, they can jump in with their knowledge of shopping on Amazon or even searching on Google.

15 Reasons the Catalog is the Soul of Procurement

Most specialists think of a catalog as a presentation of an item and its price, but an e-catalog does much more than aggregate a list of relevant items to a search query. The Vroozi catalog directs buyers to the right product. Procurement teams can fill a catalog with all the ideal choices, ensuring shoppers have options that fulfill corporate goals.

Another common challenge to procurement catalogs is its use of industry speak. While industry-specific terms are common to those in the industry, many times shoppers won’t be procurement specialists. These shoppers will get confused by terms like expected value and total value. The Vroozi catalog instead asks for these values in vernacular language.

The forms present the questions as “What is your budget?” and “What price should you not exceed?” Since these make more sense to the average shopper, the catalog then translates the answers back into industry speak and inputs it into the system accustomed to procurement terminology.

With this familiarity and user-friendly interface, companies can drive adoption rates of a mobile-enabled procurement system. This helps increase the effectiveness of procurement and helps companies achieve certain goals. Even in a new setting, the familiarity of this catalog makes procurement easy to use and easy to create success.

Getting around an online catalog

At the Heart of Procurement…

Are you Ready to Vroozi?

Here is the list of 15 reasons that we will be discussing.magazine-791046_640

These reasons include:

  1. Familiarity
  2. Data Quality
  3. Real Time Analytics
  4. Guided Buying
  5. Integration with your ERP
  6. Promotes Procurement
  7. Drives Objectives
  8. Price & Supplier Determination
  9. Collaboration
  10. Benchmarking
  11. Centralized Procurement
  12. Buy Context Based
  13. Presented Alternatives
  14. Total Landed Cost
  15. Availability Check

How about Vroozi’s Product Catalog?

Let’s go through the specs of our Procurement Product Catalog

With a Vroozi catalog, you can take advantage of all of these benefits with the most advanced technology. We can upload one million items through our catalog engine in 7 minutes. With competitors it would take close to an hour.

Join us this month as we explore the features of an e-catalog and how Vroozi is transforming everything the procurement industry knows about a mobile procurement marketplace.