15 Reasons the Catalog is the Soul of Procurement

At the heart of Centralized Procurement

This month, Michael Jud are exploring the 15 reasons the catalog is the soul of procurement >> 

Many organizations have offices across a single region, country or the world. For corporate consistency, it’s important that each location honors the procurement goals of both the overall business and local tradition.

Before the internet or digital tools made the world smaller, procurement operated on a smaller scale or orchestrated global purchasing with great complexity.

Cloud Procurement... by Michael Jud

With an e-catalog, procurement teams can continue using local suppliers and centralize corporate spending. For some items, and especially services, it is logical to keep buying from the small business next door. The established relationship has probably resulted in discounts and high-quality service.

How about improving suppliers’ relationships to save money?

Customers and Suppliers at the heart of Procurement!

Businesses of all kinds appreciate and often reward customers for their loyalty. Even though a mobile and digital procurement platform opens companies up to an expanded database of suppliers, maintaining local supplier relationships can be good for company reputation and operations. On the other hand, some items and services are better purchased in bulk from a large international supplier.

Suppliers with a larger network of clients and their own relationships are known for offering lower prices and being more flexible with contract stipulations.

If a shopper is trying to obtain items or services for many locations with some consistency at the best price, he should look to bigger enterprises.

Cloud Procurement... by Michael Jud

The e-catalog stores and manages the contracts and inventories of both types of suppliers. This allows a corporation to continue local relationships and get the best deals available. Leveraging all vendors ensures a shopper and her organization are getting better prices, items and services. So the local branch of a giant company can use the town landscaper for lawn maintenance and the big-box store to provide their office supplies.

A catalog both centralizes and decentralizes procurement when appropriate for the best results possible. This is why centralized catalog and cloud procurement are so vital to any companies with a dynamic purchasing department.

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