Integration: Key to Investment in Mobile Procurement

Integrate or Replace your ERP?

In a previous post, we discussed why an investment in technology takes more consideration than straightforward return on investment and other tangible factors. Vroozi understands that people are the core of a company and thinking about their needs and the ways they navigate new technology is one thing missing in many organizations’ digital transformation.

Aside from ensuring that new tools brought into your ways of working are intuitive and user-friendly, companies should weigh how a new solution integrates with existing systems.

It’s common for companies to have several different solutions deployed across the organization.

And as quickly as technology evolves and improves, it might seem like as soon as an investment has been made, it’s obsolete.

Integration: Key to Investment in Mobile Procurement

Invest in Smart Procurement Systems!

At the heart of Platform Integration

Vroozi also knows that existing systems are important to company infrastructure and abandoning them in favor of the newest innovation is unrealistic. Vroozi has the power to integrate with any and all existing backend systems like ERP, SAP and IBM.

Procurement is a complex activity that requires various solutions to streamline the purchasing process. Vroozi respects the good that your current systems are doing for procurement. So instead of replacing them, Vroozi simply integrates with them.

Integration, Investment in Mobile Procurement

This integration allows a company to continue using the methods for organization, negotiation, supplier relationships, data analysis, accounting and purchasing that have succeeded in the past. Using Vroozi’s mobile-enabled platform simplifies using all these systems together by presenting an easy-to-use catalog. Any employee can shop from the marketplace from any device. And with full integration with other systems, shoppers can purchase something in a few clicks.

When considering the total cost of ownership, companies need to keep in mind the compatibility of a new solution with existing ways of working.

An investment in Vroozi is also an investment in improving your current systems.

To discover this powerful investment for yourself, sign up for a 30-day free trial of Vroozi today.


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