Vroozi Made Procurement and Life Simple!

Life should be like Vroozi’s Platform, Ridiculously Easy…

Vroozi is a brand that aims to make life easier and make business more enjoyable.

While our platform focuses on streamlining and increasing the efficiency of the procurement process, our mission also extends outside of the office space and into the community.

Creative, quirky and competitive, the Vroozi-ites are not likely to pass up the opportunity to engage in a little friendly competition and/or support their local non-profits. When they get the chance to do both simultaneously outside in the Friday morning sunshine, they jump at it. That’s why this Friday, October 21, fifteen Vroozi teammates and executives will band together to bat it out amongst other Angeleno businesses in a slow-pitch softball battle-of-the-wits. Who will win? We’ll find out on the diamond.

Vroozi Made Procurement and Life Simple!

The tournament is hosted by Cushman & Wakefield for the Youth Business Alliance, and is sponsored in large part by Vroozi, Inc. The YBA’s focus is to provide critical modern business skills, trainings and perspectives to disadvantaged schools and underprivileged students.

The YBA leverages local businesses to ensure the kids are receiving relevant, authentic and leading business resources from their community.

These children are the future, and Vroozi believes in investing in that future.

When asked why Vroozi was drawn to this YBA event, Shaz Khan, Chief Strategy Officer, says, “These young adults are our next generation of engineers, teachers, civil workers, doctors… you name it. We want to provide as much guidance and empowerment to them as possible to ensure their future success. Which, in turn, becomes our future success. We feel fortunate to play a part in that process as a sponsor for the YBA.”

Ultimately, Vroozi would like to see its local community and the children within it supported, celebrated, mentored and asked one simple question: “Do YOU Vroozi?”

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