Catalog, Soul of Procurement: Availability Check

More than a marketplace, a stunning online catalog!

This month we are exploring the 15 reasons the catalog is the soul of procurement.

If you’ve ever been standing in front of the flour at the grocery store and wondered if you had any home, only to return to find three bags of it already in your pantry, you know the pain of redundant buying. Many large corporations struggle with this problem when shoppers can fulfill their needs with an easy procurement system. If it’s as simple as logging in and clicking purchase, most shoppers don’t remember to check if the item is already in internal stock.

Catalog is the Soul of Procurement: Availability Check

Your e-Catalog, your Business Booster…

Why an online catalog is so vital in Procurement!

The e-catalog of a mobile-enabled Vroozi procurement platform has a feature that stores information about an internal store. Users can search this catalog first to see if their part or supply has been purchased previously. If an item is in an internal store, they can simply request the item from that store and receive it from inventory.

This happens on a faster timeline with much lower cost than a new external order.

The internal store prevents unnecessary costs from piling up. It helps optimize spend efficiently by keeping track of purchases more closely and encouraging shoppers to look for the resources internally before turning to the budget to spend externally. Availability checks and internal stores as powered by the e-catalog ensure that companies are spending only the necessary budget and procuring only the appropriate number of items.

Benefits & Features of Procurement

Mobile Procurement Made so Simple!

This feature, even as small as it may seem individually, works in conjunction with all the other features and benefits of ane-catalog. With an intelligent catalog and procurement platform, companies can realizetheir procurement goals more effectively.Catalog is the Soul of Procurement: Availability Check

Procurement would be nothing without the catalog and its many capabilities that ease how shoppers and companies manage purchasing, spend and procurement processes. A catalog makes it possible to drive achievement across an organization, effect change where it matters and improve internal processes with great success.

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