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User Compliance & Communication in Digital Procurement

One of the biggest obstacles for companies is communication. Great opportunities are lost when communication fails.

Get the Contract, then Get the Word Out

An important procurement example of communication failure is when you find the right supplier, get a great contract in place and then… nobody knows about it. All your work of finding suppliers and negotiating great terms is lost because users are unable to comply with the contract.

Without access to the right information, users simply can’t purchase accordingly.

Procurement: Measurement Web: User Compliance

Quick & Easy Approvals

Additionally, having the right approval system in place dramatically reduces maverick spend. Not only is it important to have the right approval flow, but also it is crucial to use an approval system that is easy.

Using mobile procurement technology keeps everything running smoothly.


What are your real Potential Savings from User Compliance?

Depending on the category, you can save 5-25% times the rate of adoption. So, the more your users adopt to your new procurement system, the more you save.

5% (to 25%) of spend brought onto the system * Rate of Adoption = Expected Savings from User Compliance

User Compliance is so important to your overall savings, which is why Vroozi is so concentrated on the user experience.

An easy-to-use system is the key to User Adoption and more savings for your business.

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