PO Requisitioning & Transmission

Purchase Order Requisitioning

Purchase Order Requisitioning is a huge job. Unnecessary man hours, postage and communication quickly add up to be very expensive.

Tracking down POs does not have to be a nightmare anymore.

With the right Procurement Platform, there is no need to manually route POs to suppliers.

Procurement Process: PO Requisitioning & Transmission

Communication Made Easy

Streamlining Purchase Orders effortlessly gives everyone the information they need.

Order automation saves you time, saves you money and saves you from wondering, “Where could that PO have gone?!”


Managing POs becomes an increasingly difficult task as your business grows. What was once easy to take care of through simple paper filing can quickly become very difficult to manage.

To calculate the real savings from PO Requisitioning & Transmission, use the following formula:

Time Spent on PO Requisition & Transmission * Full-Time Employee Hourly Cost (Or Benefit of Other Work Completed) =   Best in Class 12.9k POs/FTE (Average is 13.6k POs/FTE)

Vroozi creates a user experience that gets everyone involved excited. As a procurement manager, you can save countless hours doing manual filing by moving to a paperless, streamlined system.


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