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Attending Ted-type Talk on Angular Components in Santa Barbara, CA

by Jessica Ferguson, Brand Ambassador

Vroozi, the online procurement platform that supports your corporate smart spend strategy, is proud to announce one of their own will be leading a Ted-type talk on Angular Components in Santa Barbara, CA this evening. At 6pm (PST) at State Street’s PayJunction, Brant Barger will be discussing the component architectures between 1.5 and 2.x versions of Angular. He will also briefly touch on the addition of TypeScript to the Angular stack.

Barger is a Front End Developer at Vroozi, and was first introduced to the Angular 2 rewrite within a 2-day internal training session set up for the engineering department at the company.

After the internal training, he decided to pursue his first talk, showing audiences a one-to-one example of how an Angular 1 project would look rewritten in Angular 2. “Our engineering department at Vroozi does training from time to time on new tech developments, and Angular 2 & Typescript were a couple of those technologies,” says Barger. “It’s great to take what we learned and share it with the community.”

Vroozi’s Brant Barger Giving Talk on Angular Components

Angular Meetup in LA

After Santa Monica, Angular JS will be in Santa Barbara

This will be his second talk about the Angular 2 Javascript framework.

His first talk was in front of a large audience at Philosophie in Santa Monica back in July. He is excited to be able to speak this time in front of the Santa Barbara community.

“It was exciting to give my previous talk at the Angular Meetup in LA, but to give a talk outside of LA builds on that excitement,” says Barger. “It makes me really think about the reach of education if you make the effort to travel.”

Barger is passionate about functional programming and always eager to learn more. “Internal education is big for tech companies,” says Barger. “It helps us stay ahead of the curve and keeps us excited about what we do.” He plans to continue leading these talks and expanding his outreach by taking them to new audiences in new communities. He also encourages other developers to lean into leading talks on the subject and contributing to the tech community through their own unique knowledge and experience. Says Barger, “If you teach a technology, it forces you to continue learning it, and learning is what keeps us relevant.”

Vroozi is very proud to see leadership spring up from its internal team, and looks forward to continuing to foster a spirit of mentorship and growth within this and surrounding communities. Vroozi congratulates Barger on the great opportunity and will be sharing updates from the event as they occur.


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