Easy to Access Voting Information Invites More Voters to Participate

Easy to Access Procurement Means More User Compliance

This year Google has implemented tools that make it easier than ever to get voting information.

When you search for voting details, Google automatically provides what you need at the top of your search results. Here are a few searches Google is helping people find:

  • Where to Vote
  • When Can I Vote
  • Who is On My Ballot

Google also provides important details to educate voters, too. For example, when you search “who is on my ballot”, each candidate is linked to more information about his or her history and platform.

Google Makes Voting Easy: How Accessibility Changes User Adoption

Better Access to Information Means More Participation

Jacob Schonberg, a product manager on Google’s politics and elections team said, “We are committed to giving people timely and comprehensive information about the voting process so they can better participate in the election and have their voices heard in November.”

The statistics show that the demand for information is there, too. The search term “who is on my ballot” is up 137%” and “where is my polling place” is up 379% since this time 2012.

What Does Accessibility Mean for Procurement

In technology, user adoption is all about user experience.

If users have easy-to-access, user-friendly tools, then adoption increases. In procurement, more adoption means more savings and better ROI.

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