If you are buying a new appliance for your home, chances are you do your research first.What features do you need? Which appliances have those features? Which brand is the most dependable? Who offers the best price for what you need?

Buying at Home, Buying at Work

Many companies’ purchasers face barriers to buying the best option for their needs. Whether the roadblock is because of limited suppliers or no framework to compare options, companies essentially let their suppliers decide what is best for them.

Often, a user will need a product that has (for example) three features. Then, they must choose between Option A that has only one feature or Options B that has twenty features, many of which are unnecessary.

With more options, your purchasers can get the exact features and products they need.

Procurement KPI: Tactical Buying

Procurement Measurements

What does Tactical Buying mean for your bottom line?

4.3% of Tactical Sourcing Spend * Rate of Adoption = Expected Savings from Tactical Buying

You can calculate for yourself to see how a 4.3% savings could dramatically affect your business.

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