Procure-To-Pay KPI: Sourcing Increased Capture

How to Measure Procurement

What Increased Capture Means for Your Business

When all your transactions go through one procurement system, all your spending can be instantly monitored and analyzed.

With analytics on your side, you can use Strategic Sourcing for better pricing, best-fit suppliers, and empowered decision-making.

With a powerful procurement solution, you can look at everything instantaneously. Procurement platforms let you look inside the system as its running.

Procurement KPI: Sourcing Increased Capture

Better analytics mean better results.

You need a better look into your spending.

When you have reliable data from a system that can easily measure your spending and give you real information, you can make better decisions.

Procurement Measurement

Armed with better data and analytics means your business can use Strategic Sourcing like never before. Managed spend returns 1% and Strategic Sourcing from Sourcing Better Unit Price returns 8%.

These combines savings help you analyze what you can expect to save through Sourcing Increased Capture.

1% Increase in Savings on Spend Under Management * 8% Sourcing Better Unit Price * Rate of Adoption = Expected Savings through Sourcing Increased Capture

Better insight into spending means better tools for making the right choices in the future.

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